Multiplexed Body Control System

(Front and Rear Body Control Modules):



All features of Integrated Body Control Module plus:

  • High Beam Lights
  • Fog Lights
  • Reverse Lights
  • Brake Lights
  • IP and Switch ˇ®Backlight' Illumination

                    •  Variable Dimming

  • Switch ˇ®Active' Illumination
  • Horn (can also be used for Alarm instead of Siren)
  • Remote Fuel Filler Door Release (IP Button)
  • Rear Wiper

                    •  Reverse Gear Wiping

  • Rear Electric Blind
  • Reversing / Parking Aid System
  • Front and Rear Battery Saver Outputs
  • Interface with Fuel Level Sensor
  • State of Door Ajar Switches, Fuel Level, Distance from Reverse Radar and Warnings sent over CAN to Instrument Cluster for presentation to the driver
  • Limp Home Mode Functionality
  • KWP2000 Diagnostics over K-Line or CAN



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